A Room Full of Elephants

arfoe-400x600The impossible happens. Now what?

Keith’s a superstar software tester — in his own humble opinion. His husband Nick is an army veteran, adjusting to a brand new life with prosthetic legs and nursing a secret obsession with elephants. The uncrowned king of their terraced jungle is their cat, Ziggy.

Theirs is a cosy little universe — about to be shattered in the most extraordinary way.

Enter Cordelia, the mysterious sorta-kinda-girlfriend of Keith’s best friend. And then, from somewhere, somehow, enter Eric.

Eric is impossible. Not implausible: impossible. He’s seriously, inexplicably, adorably weird. His appearance means Keith’s universe will never be the same again — and that’s before he finds out the staggering truth.

A Room Full of Elephants is a quirky, page-turning sci-fi mystery tackling the biggest themes of all: relationships, loss, who we are, who we want to be, and whether that animal stain will ever wash out.

A Room Full of Elephants: some universes are bigger than others

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